Police State

Mario and Bruno have been partners for 10 years.  They are like brothers.  Mario the wild one and Bruno more relaxed.  They have great chemistry as partners.  They have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of Rome.  They love their job and love to help their fellow Romans.  In March 2020 the coronavirus pandemic came in hot and hit their country hard.  After the Prime Minister put the country on lockdown, they wondered how their job would change.

Sure enough, their job has never been the same.  No bars are open.  No more chit chat after taking a coffee at their favorite bar near the Vatican.   They wear masks all day and their faces hurt.  Mario has an elderly father and Bruno fears for his grandmothers health.  They miss them terribly and wish they could see them.

They are told to check citizens who are out in public.  If they do not have a legitimate reason to be out, they are told to fine them.  Mario likes his newly acquired power.  Bruno feels ridiculous and wonders why they should have to monitor citizens activity.  The citizens should police themselves right?  Apparently they are incapable of doing so.  Mario does not care and often hopes someone disobeys his order.  

Bruno fears an uprising of citizens due to being locked in the house for so long.  Soon people will not have any money and may resort to violence just to get food.  Mario cannot wait for the chaos, he thinks citizens who cannot follow rules deserved to be punished.  Bruno does not want to participate in a police state.  Before every shift he prays that people remain peaceful.  He feels the tension in his city and thinks it is a matter of days before it erupts.  

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